Technical Requirements

Effective date: 06/02/2023

Supported browsers and platforms

URemovals has been tested across a wide range of browsers, operating systems and devices. This page gives details of which set-ups work best with the website.

Recommended browsers

URemovals has been designed to fully support commonly used browsers running on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

Supported browsers/platforms:

  • Google Chrome (latest version) — Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
  • Apple Safari (latest version) — Mac OS X, iOS
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ — Windows
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version) — Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) — Windows

If you are not using one of the browser/platform combinations above, you should still be able to access the site and use the pages but it might not display the site as designed nor provide you with the best experience of using the website.

Upgrading to the latest version

We would recommend upgrading your browser and operating system to the latest versions as soon as upgraded versions are made available for your device. Later versions often have higher levels of security and better functions.

Most browsers/platforms will allow you to upgrade for free and may offer automatic upgrades as soon as they become available.

Browser Configuration

Any supported browser that you choose to use must meet the following requirements:

  • JavaScript is enabled.
  • Cookies are enabled.
  • Some modern browser versions are now disabling third-party cookies by default. Like many other web services, URemovals relies on these cookies to authenticate users when its offerings are embedded in another webpage. You may need to enable them in your browser for access.
  • TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 are supported.
  • (For building dashboards on a Mac) The display of scroll bars is set to "Always On" in your System Preferences.
  • Otherwise, users of your dashboards may see scroll bars where you had not.

Browsers that do not display the site properly

To support as wide a range of browsers as possible and allow users of all abilities (including those with a visual impairment or physical disability) to access this website, it has been developed according to recognised standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Some browsers, particularly earlier versions, either do not or only partly support W3C standards. These browsers might not display the text and graphics correctly.