How to decorate your new home - Decorating tips and tricks

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URemovals Wednesday 12th Apr 2023 - 3 minutes read

So it just happened that you moved successfully into your new home. Congratulations! How many stressful and tiring days, right? Now you enjoy the time spent at your new home. Indeed you have several feelings… maybe you are a little bit disappointed because of missing your old flat, or inversely you couldn’t be happier than now, because you found the perfect home.

How to decorate your new home

How to decorate your new home

If your flat has an unfriendly atmosphere or is too empty, or you are just thinking about decorating it, you don’t know where to start. There are so many decoration options, and we collect a few for you.

The function of the space

It seems straightforward, like the kitchen is for cooking, the family room is for family gatherings.. it is not. Think more about how you are going to use the space. For example, how many of your family members would be in the room at any given time – thus, you will find out how many seating spaces you need. Think – what are the activities you prefer doing… watching TV, reading, playing board games, playing with kids, or relaxing in front of the fireplace – thus, you would know what storage options you need, whether you need a reading nook or conversation area by the fireplace.

Make a changing list.

Is there anything you know that you for sure want to change? Please write it down. Additionally, start thinking of things you absolutely must have or would like to have. Imagine the perfect bedroom (or find a picture) and identify what is about that specific bedroom that makes it so dreamy. Please write it down. 

Find out Your Favorite Color Scheme

Once you have your palette established, let the rest of the decor start from that. Use neutral colours for investment pieces, like the sofa and dining table, and put the colour in paint or accent pieces like pillows, lamps and art.

Create a picture wall

Creating a symmetrical look for one of the rooms can be inspiring. It’s easier to do that in your bedroom. The main furniture can be the bed, with two identical nightstands and matching table lamps. The chandelier or pendant lamp will be at the centre of the room.

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How much can a man with a van earn in the UK? - URemovals

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