How to pack books when moving to new home

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URemovals Wednesday 12th Apr 2023 - 4 minutes read

Here are some tips on how to pack books perfectly.

How to pack books when moving to new home

How to pack books when moving to new home

Sort and get rid of books

If you’re moving long-distance, have hired movers, and are being charged by weight, carefully go through your books and determine what you want to keep and pay to move.

Books are heavy. Even paperbacks can add up to a lot of money. And if you’re like me, you tend to accumulate a lot over a short time, so find a good home for them and know that someone else will be getting as much joy from reading them as you did.

Use the right box

Once you’ve decided what you’re moving, choose a medium box and check to ensure it will hold the weight and that it’s free from dampness, especially if it’s a used box.

You’ll also need packing tape to seal the box bottom and top and a marker to label the contents.

Prepare the box for packing.

You will need to put them together if you buy new boxes. Make sure you seal the bottom well by doubling the amount of tape. If you’re using a recycled box, I always tape the bottom again with packing tape to make sure it’ll hold.

How to pack hardcover books

Hardcover editions can be packed by placing them in the box standing upright, spine against the box’s side, just like you were putting it on a shelf.

If you pack books this way, ensure they’re sealed well but not too tightly so they can be damaged when removing them.

If the hardcover editions are of moderate value, wrap each one in packing paper before placing them in the box.

Books of great value, such as old photo albums or first editions, require stiff cardboard in between each to keep the spines straight and to prevent any movement.

Each book should be protected with paper and placed in a well-padded box. Bubble wrap or extra packing paper balled up can be used to line the box before you pack each book.

How to pack paperbacks

Hardcover editions, as well as paperbacks, can also be packed flat and stacked. Both book types may be packed spine first with the paper edges facing up.

To prevent damage, do not pack books with the paper edges facing down and spines up – this will cause readers to warp and pages to bend.

Books can also be packed using all three methods in one box. Just make sure you don’t pack books at odd angles.

Finally, use wadded-up paper to fill any remaining spaces. Books can shift quickly during the move, causing damage.

Secure the box

If you need to store books at any time, ensure the storage facility is dry and cool. And if your books are of high value, you may want to use acid-free paper instead of packing paper. Acid-free paper won’t deteriorate or turn yellow over time.

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