Moving to Aberdeen? Top interesting facts about the city

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1# Granite City

Aberdeen is famously known as the "Granite City" due to its many buildings made from local grey granite. This granite sparkles like silver due to its high mica content, and this unique aesthetic gives the city a special charm.


Moving to Aberdeen? Certainly! Aberdeen, often called the "Granite City," is a vibrant and historical city in Scotland with much to offer. Here are 10 interesting facts that you might find intriguing:


2# Oil Capital of Europe

Aberdeen is often called the "Oil Capital of Europe" because of its pivotal role in the North Sea oil industry. The discovery of oil in the North Sea in the 1960s revolutionized Aberdeen's economy and led to significant growth and technological advancement.


3# University of Aberdeen

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. It has a rich history of teaching and research and is renowned for disciplines like medicine, sciences, and theology.


4# Maritime Museum

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum offers insights into the city's maritime history, the North Sea oil industry, and shipbuilding. Located near the busy harbour, it's a must-visit for anyone interested in naval history or the mechanics of oil extraction.


5# Doric Dialect

Aberdeen and its surrounding areas are known for using the Doric dialect. This variant of Scots is widely used in local literature and performances, helping to keep the region's unique linguistic heritage alive.


6# The Silver City with the Golden Sands

Aberdeen is not just about granite and oil; it has a beautiful coastline. The city is sometimes called the "Silver City with the Golden Sands," highlighting its juxtaposition of urban and natural beauty.


7# Two Old Towns

Unlike most cities with one old town, Aberdeen has two: Old Aberdeen and New Aberdeen. Old Aberdeen used to be a separate burgh and is where you'll find the historic King’s College. New Aberdeen is where the city expanded during the Industrial Revolution and contains the city's commercial heart.


8# Sir Thomas Blake Glover

Known as the "Scottish Samurai," Sir Thomas Blake Glover was born in Fraserburgh but grew up in Aberdeen. He moved to Japan and played a crucial role in modernizing the country, including introducing the first railway and establishing the Mitsubishi Corporation.


9# Rowie or Butteries

Aberdeen is famous for its local pastry known as "Rowie" or "Butteries." It's a rich, flaky bread roll integral to local cuisine. It is best enjoyed warm and buttered, often accompanied by tea or coffee.


10# Aberdeen International Youth Festival

Although it ceased operations in 2018, the Aberdeen International Youth Festival was one of the world's largest gatherings of youth arts companies. For over 45 years, it showcased the talent of young people from across the globe in various arts disciplines.


These facts only scratch what makes Aberdeen a fascinating and multi-layered city. Whether interested in history, industry, or culture, Aberdeen offers many experiences to explore.

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