Best and cheap movers: How to Find the right van

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Greetings! It's lovely to have you here. URemovals is not just any moving company; we're your partners in ensuring a seamless transition to your new home or office. We understand the complexities and stress that can accompany moving, and our mission is to transform this experience into a positive and straightforward journey. We try to answer the most asked question regarding moving: "How do you find the best and cheapest movers?"

Understanding the Moving Industry - Cheap movers

Before diving into your search, it's crucial to understand what makes a moving company both excellent and affordable. The best movers offer reliable, efficient, and safe services without hidden fees, while cheap movers make your move affordable without compromising service quality.

Quality Indicators

  • License and Insurance: Legitimate movers should have the necessary permits and insurance to operate. This protects you in case of damage or loss.

In the UK, a man and van service, like any other moving company, requires specific licenses and insurance to operate legally and to ensure both the business and its customers are protected. Here’s a brief overview:

License Requirements

  1. Driver’s License: For driving a van, the individual needs to have a valid UK driver's license. Depending on the size of the van, a standard Category B license (for vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM) may suffice. For larger vehicles, a Category C1 license might be required.
  2. Goods Vehicle Operator’s License: If the van is over a certain weight (3.5 tonnes), and the service is for hire or reward, you might need a Goods Vehicle Operator’s License. This is issued by the Traffic Commissioner and involves ensuring the operator complies with safety and regulatory standards.

Insurance Requirements

  1. Vehicle Insurance: This is mandatory for all vehicles on UK roads. The vehicle should be insured for commercial use for man and van services, often called hire and reward. This is legally required by UK law.
  2. Goods in Transit: This covers the items being moved against loss, theft, or damage while in the vehicle. It’s crucial but not mandatory for moving services to reassure clients that their belongings are protected.
  3. Public Liability Insurance: This protects the business if someone is injured or their property is damaged due to the business's operations. For example, if a mover accidentally damages a client's property while moving an item, this insurance would cover the costs. It is not a legal requirement, but it is strongly recommended.
  4. Employer’s Liability Insurance: If the business employs anyone other than the owner, it’s legally required to have Employer's Liability Insurance. This covers injury or illness to employees arising from their work.
  • Reputation: Look for companies with positive reviews and ratings on independent websites. Customer feedback can provide valuable insights into their reliability and service quality.
  • Experience: Companies with years of experience are often better equipped to handle different types of moves and challenges that may arise.

At URemovals, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between a great moving service and your wallet. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch, reliable services that won't break the bank. We keep things transparent so you know exactly what you're paying for—no surprises, just smiles.

Cost Considerations

  • Transparent Pricing: Reliable movers offer clear, upfront pricing without hidden charges. Ask for detailed quotes to compare costs effectively.
  • Customisable Services: The best companies provide flexible services tailored to your needs, which can help you save money. For example, packing only certain items or choosing a less busy moving date can reduce costs.

Hate surprises? We, too—especially when it comes to fees. We give you the full scoop upfront with clear, detailed quotes. You'll know exactly what you're paying for, allowing you to budget better and breathe easier.

How to Find the Best and Cheap Movers

  • Start Early Begin your search well in advance of your moving date. This gives you ample time to compare companies, services, and prices and helps you avoid the premium prices charged for last-minute bookings.

Starting early with URemovals means you get the best of everything—service, prices, and peace of mind. Avoid the last-minute rush, and let's plan your move together well ahead of time.

  • Get Multiple Quotes Reach out to several moving companies for quotes. This helps you understand the average cost and lets you negotiate better rates. Ensure these quotes are based on actual inspections of your belongings for accuracy.
  • Verify Credentials Check each company's license and insurance status through the Department of Transportation or local regulatory bodies. This step is crucial for ensuring your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Read Reviews and Ask for References Online reviews and customer testimonials can be incredibly telling. Additionally, ask movers for references from past customers. Direct feedback can give you peace of mind about your choice.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • Significantly Lower Quotes: Be wary of quotes much lower than the industry average, which could indicate hidden fees or subpar service.
  • Lack of Physical Address or Contact Information: Legitimate companies have a physical presence and readily available contact details.

We make getting a quote as simple as can be. With a few clicks, you'll see how affordable moving with us can be. Plus, we're all about giving you the best deal, so don't hesitate to chat with us about your budget.


Finding the best and cheapest movers requires research, diligence. By starting your search early, comparing multiple quotes, and thoroughly vetting potential movers, you can secure quality moving services at an affordable price. Remember, the goal is to make your move smooth and stress-free without breaking the bank.

We appreciate your feedback and are always eager to address your needs, concerns, and share in your moving day experiences.

So, why choose URemovals? Because we're all about making your move as easy, affordable, and enjoyable as possible. Let's turn this moving thing from a chore into a celebration. Ready to get moving with a team that cares? URemovals is here for you!

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