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Relocating can be a stressful experience. Finding a reliable and affordable moving service is crucial when you have many items to move to your new home. This service should be able to handle the task efficiently. A popular term for people living in or moving to Brighton is "Man with a van Brighton" when considering moving.

What Does 'Man and Van' Mean?

Man and Van is synonymous with personalized, agile, affordable moving services. A man and van service is more flexible than big removal companies. One person or a small team usually does it.


You get the van, the man, and often the choice to participate in the loading and unloading to save costs. This creates a service perfect for anyone, from students moving to new apartments to families relocating to a new home.

Why Choose URemovals?

Before delving into the case study, it's important to mention that URemovals differs from your conventional removal company. We help you find the best man with a van service in Brighton by comparing prices and matching your needs. We work with registered, reliable, and vetted local service providers to ensure you get the best quality at competitive prices.


Bridging the Gap Between Needs and Services: The Unique Offerings of URemovals

Navigating the sea of moving companies can be overwhelming, especially when looking for a man with a van who can offer professional service at affordable prices.

At URemovals, we aim to bridge this gap and provide a stress-free experience for all our users. Our sophisticated algorithm considers various factors to match you with the ideal removal service that meets your needs. We've covered you whether a small move or a comprehensive home relocation.

A unique aspect of our service is that we factor in goods in transit insurance. This means not only do we offer peace of mind by connecting you with trusted providers, but we also take into account the safety of your belongings during transit. 


We realize that a free moving experience is a myth, but we strive to provide the next best thing—high-quality service that gives value to every penny spent.

What if you have a more substantial move requiring additional space? No worries. Our list of service providers includes those with Luton vans, suitable for larger moves. This means that even if your move is bigger than a standard van Brighton can handle, we have options to accommodate you.

In summary, with URemovals, you can rest easy knowing that you will get a 'stress-free' move, small or large, at affordable prices without compromising professional service.

We're not just another name in the crowded landscape of moving companies; we're your go-to platform for an experience that takes the load off your shoulders—quite literally.


Man-with-a-Van Removals Brighton and Sussex

Working with providers in Brighton and the larger Sussex area, we have a robust network of service providers available for local and long-distance moves. Each provider is screened to meet our high safety, reliability, and customer service standards.



When choosing a Man with a Van in Brighton, URemovals offers an unparalleled platform for finding the best fit for your needs. URemovals is a one-stop solution for all your moving needs, with various choices to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether on a budget or looking for premium services, our platform caters to all. The critical takeaway from John's case study is that affordable services need not compromise on quality, and URemovals ensures you get the best of both.

Customer reviews

9.5 trustprofile-rating 38 Reviews

Good service in general although we really needed a second run and its wasnt extendable as anticipat...

David Anthony Simpson

It only was a small move, but LDN Courier service was helpful and efficient.

Atanas Rebreev

The van turned up on time but it broke down so left standing for over an hour or so not impressed a...

Russell Brighouse

Our closest registered man and van services near Brighton

Prices start at 35.00 per hour.

We are committed to providing high-quality man and van services, ensuring that every task is executed with professionalism and care, no matter how big or small.

Attila Szelpal - Man and Van in Crawley
Attila Szelpal

Base in Crawley - 24.16 miles away

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Van insurance checked
  • URemovals T&Cs checked
  • References checked
  • Goods in transit: £10000
  • Small van available
  • Medium van available
  • Large van available
  • Luton van available
  • Free online instant quote
Jozef Varga - Man and Van in Crawley
Jozef Varga

Base in Crawley - 25.54 miles away

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Van insurance checked
  • URemovals T&Cs checked
  • References checked
  • Goods in transit: £50000
  • Small van available
  • Medium van available
  • Large van available
  • Free online instant quote

Case Study: A URemovals Registered Man and Van Service on Moving to Brighton

Meet John, a registered Man and Van service provider on URemovals. He specializes in Man and Van Services in Brighton and is highly rated as one of the most trusted local Man & A Van in Brighton and Hove.


First Contact and Quote

John receives a booking via the URemovals platform from Sarah, a single mother looking to move from Brighton to Brighton. Sarah is on a budget and is initially searching for a cheap man with a van. John promptly accepts the job and contacts Sarah regarding the move.


Pre-Move Assessment

John schedules a pre-move assessment to gauge the volume of items and potential challenges and to answer any questions Sarah might have, including "Can you travel with a man with a van?" (The answer is yes, subject to available space and safety conditions.)


The Moving Day

On the day of the move, John arrives early with his well-maintained van. He's not just a Man And Van near Brighton; he's a professional committed to making the moving experience as smooth as possible. Items are systematically loaded into the van, with fragile items receiving extra care.


Arrival and Unloading at Brighton

Upon arrival at Brighton, John ensures that each item is unloaded carefully and placed in the designated rooms. Sarah is particularly impressed with John's efficiency and attention to detail.


Review and Rating

Sarah leaves a glowing review on URemovals, appreciating not just the affordability but also the high level of service she received. This cements John's status as one of the best in the business, and he updates his profile to include yet another satisfied customer.

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Thursday 15th Feb 2024
Personal Experience from URemovals: Navigating a Brighton Move

We at URemovals have had the pleasure of facilitating countless moves,...

Man with a van Brighton starting at £35.00 per hour

You may find it challenging to find the right man and van service in Brighton. Our online quote tool does the hard work of finding local moving van hire prices for you. If you need help with the booking process, call us on 020 8064 2103 during office hours Mon - Sun. 8 am - 5 pm, or use our support chat.